Season Flex Pass

$60.00 per person

Advanced Reservations – Season Ticket patrons are given 5 days to make their reservation before general admission requests are accepted. Do you like to be seated low or perhaps on the top row? Advanced reservations is a perk to help you obtain your preferred seat on your preferred performance date.

Flexibility – Before each production, check your calendar, decide which date works better for you, then call to reserve a seat that fits your schedule. Perfect for busy people. There are 7 performances – 6 evenings and 1 matinee – to choose from.  No other entertainment venue can offer you that kind of flexibility.

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2019 Season Flex Pass $60.00

This Pass is valid for 1 ticket to each of our 6 productions during 2019. Before every production, you will have 5 days to select your seat before tickets are sold to the general public. At that time, you may also buy one guest ticket for each Flex Pass that you have purchased.

Your early seat selection periods will begin at 7 AM on these Saturdays: Happily Ever After - Feb 2. The Graduate - March 23. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - May 25. Disney's Beauty and the Beast - July 13. Born Yesterday - September 7. Miracle on 34th Street - October 26.

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