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Freaky Friday Audition Workshop 3pm-6pm 30 30

Freaky Friday Audition Workshop

Saturday 2/20/21 3pm-6pm

This registration is for the audition workshop ONLY. Registering for the workshop does NOT automatically register you for an audition slot. This workshop is to prep auditioners for their actual auditions but is not mandatory.

4/1/21-4/17/21 We will be presenting Disney's Freaky Friday A new musical adaptation of the classic novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films.

This workshop will help you get familiar with the show and our audition process to help you be as successful as you can be!

When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right again. Freaky Friday, a new musical based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films, is a heartfelt, comedic, and unexpectedly emotional update on an American classic. By spending a day in each other's shoes, Katherine and Ellie come to appreciate one another's struggles, learn self-acceptance, and realize the immeasurable love and mutual respect that bond a mother and daughter.

Into The Woods - Cast

Welcome to the Cast of Into the Woods 

Production fees are due the day of the parent meeting 

Fees are $300 per actor and include 5 tickets to any performance

Families with more than one actor will receive a $50 discount 

One adult from every family must attend the parent meeting

Volunteer hours both pre show and in production are required - buy out is $200 ($100 for preshow and $100 for in production) and can be coordinated at the box office

Ticketing System provided by Arts People