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Art Camp 3 FANTASY afternoon Jul 27-30 & Aug 3-6 (Mon-Thu) 1-4pm 36 9

For ages 5-11. Art, Ceramics, Dance, Drama, Music. Theme: FANTASY. $100 Tuition. Discover hidden talents and interests in a social setting. Classes will be either virtual, in-person, or a mix of the two. Kits provided for virtual classes. Red: only virtual classes. Orange: mostly virtual. Any in person classes will keep 6 foot distance from each household. Yellow: In-person classes and students sit by each other. Hand washing and sanitization for in-person classes. Class sizes reduced to twelve. Virtual class option provided upon request throughout summer. Please check your email/texts regularly for any last minute schedule changes in case teachers need to switch to virtual classes. See for health recommendations.

Enrollment closes Monday morning, July 20.

Photo-Alternative Printing Workshop Jul 28-Aug 18 Tuesdays 6:15-8:15pm 10 8

We are offering a four week introduction to some of the earliest 19th century photographic processes, the cyan blue print, Lumen contact printing and Anthotype contact printing. All sessions will be held outside, and each student will sit 6 feet or more apart. A folding chair, tv like tray table, face mask & gloves are required to participate in this workshop. The Cyanotype is a 170 year old photographic printing process that produces prints in a distinctive dark greenish-blue. The word cyan comes from the Greek, meaning "dark blue substance." The process was invented by Sir John Herschel, a brilliant astronomer and scientist in 1842. A lumen print is a solar photogram - an image created on photographic paper, exposed by the sun. It was one of the first photographic processes developed by Fox Talbot in 19th century England. The anthotype is printed in the sun for a few days or several weeks. The anthotype print develops as the rays of the sun destroys the color of the pigment, bleaching the print. Each and every emulsion will need a different exposure time. some emulsions need only a few hours to change color, some a few weeks. This workshop is suitable for everyone, especially beginners. You will learn how to compose objects, rip paper to size, mix the chemicals, coat paper and expose using a UV light/Sunlight to make your own cyanotype photograms, you will be instructed on how to create acetate digital like negatives. You will learn how to create a beautiful set of blue prints, experiment with Lumen & Anthotype contact printing using objects & subjects of your choice. Maria has a vast selection of items that you can experiment with, or if you prefer, collect & bring along your own found objects such as items of nature, flowers and leaves, beads and buttons or lace. Almost anything can be used, so be resourceful and creative. Some paper will be provided. Sizes will vary as well as the class printing frames. For the advanced student, you may want to experiment with stencils, or make drawings on acetate or shoot a larger format camera for larger negatives. Cost includes some materials. You will also be asked to bring in some materials. A supply list will be provided prior to our first class. Bring a notepad and pencil. Wear old clothes, or bring an apron. Added supply cost will be an additional $15. Note: many of your exposures will be done outside of class and one session will be scheduled earlier in the day at an agreed upon location with good light.  Tuition $80+$15 materials.

Photo-Kids Camp Jul 22 9am-12pm 8 7

Create a Collaborative Chalk Dream Portrait & Sun Print. In this one day photo art camp, children ages 5-10 will create their own imaginary worlds with their parent, friend, or guardian. They then will be instructed on how to photograph their vision as the instructor creates the final image of the artist in his or her dream like landscape. The second part of the session is to demonstrate and experiment with the sun print process, creating blue print photograms of objects found on location. All participants will practice safe distancing from one another. Bring sun hats, wear sunscreen, bring a bottle of water and your own snack. Participants will create an imaginary camera but are also encouraged to bring a ph camera or other camera to the class. Participants must be accompanied by a parent, friend, or guardian. Please leave younger children at home.  Tuition $36+$10 materials.