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Ceramics-Adults Thu12 Spring March 21 Thursdays 12-3pm 12 10

Students choose what they most wish to create by hand-building or wheel throwing. Teachers investigate and teach whatever aspects of ceramics a student requests. Mosaics, decorating techniques, design and wheel throwing skills covered. All skill levels welcome!

Photo-Art of Seeing Apr 9, Tuesdays 6:15-8:15pm 10 9 The student of The Art of Seeing should come with a basic understanding of his or her camera and can use the camera of choice with access of a reflector or foam core fill card. This class will help students explore "seeing the art in the everyday" with practice shooting on the street.
Photo-Digital Photography Apr 9, Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm 10 9 In eight weeks you will learn specifics of how to use your DSLR outside of AUTO mode & utilize features you may not even realize are in there. Getting comfortable in Manual Mode & taking control of the features, will help you make any type of image you can imagine! We spend 4-5 weeks in the classroom, 2-3 weeks shooting, and finish with a live critique where we, as a class see the difference in your work. This is a great place to begin learning about your camera and introductory photography concepts.