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Fundamentals of Stage Violence Friday, 6/1/18 6:00pm-10:00pm 14 10

Creating effective, believable moments of violence on stage requires a commitment to understanding safety, movement and audience perception.

John Armour’s fundamentals of stage violence will build performers confidence and skills to the point of performing a simple choreography at the end of a single session.

Learn the four basic safeties of stage combat and how they are applied across multiple types of violence. Gain an understanding of how storytelling with movement directs the audience to just what they are intended to see. This class uses unarmed techniques as a foundation for greater violence and introduces students to basic ideas of armed violence for stage. Students will leave with knowledge of how to marry their acting to moments of highly choreographed movement.

Students will use techniques taught to create a short choreography of their own by class end.

A minimum of six enrolled students will be required for this class to continue as scheduled.

John Armour is a fight director based in Portland, Oregon. He is a former advanced actor combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and founded the Memorial Day Melee regional workshop in Portland in 2001. He has taught and staged violence for theater for the past 30 years. He twice received Drammy awards for Best Fight Design.

John has been the primary fight director for Portland Center Stage and Portland Opera for most of the past two decades and has created violence for companies large and small throughout the Northwest. John also teaches as a guest artist in high schools and colleges. John was a founding acting company member of Tygre’s Heart Shakespeare Company and its resident fight director.

Level 1: Beginning Improv Saturdays from 1:00pm-4:00pm, for six weeks beginning June 9th 16 11

Experience the fun of improv and power of play, in a fun and safe environment. The course provides a solid foundation in improvisation that promotes personal growth and creativity. Coursework includes core principles and fundamentals of performing improv; focusing on various exercises that encourage agreement, communication, active-listening, trust, character, status, and more.

A miniumum of six enrolled students is required for the class to proceed as scheduled.

Class is only $90 for the entire six-week workshop!
OR, $20 to drop in one class! ($20 drop-in rate must be paid cash at time of class.) 

Chris Murphy is an actor, director, improv coach, and the Founder/Director of the Antelope Valley Comedy Festival in Palmdale, CA. Chris trained at the Steppenwolf West, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Second City in Los Angeles, CA. Chris has been teaching & performing theater and improv throughout Southern California and the PDX are for the last 10 years. He is also a former Second City Hollywood cast member, and performed weekly in the sketch parody show TMI. You can tune in weekly to hear him co-host the Community Theater Heroes, a weekly podcast that interviews theater companies and artists in the PDX area.