Improv for Actors (Ages 18+)

6:30 - 8:30 PM
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Not only will this course focus on acting technique, they will also invite the artists to focus on Applied Improvisation, a field of creative practice that adapts the principles of improvisational theater to everyday life. This course would help participants to “yes, and” themselves, to affirm their boundaries, to say “no,” to be generous with others’ ideas, to embrace the moment, and negotiate emotional relationships through theatre that is co-created with compassion and patience. This course is, more or less, a standard intro to improvised acting course, but the emphasis is placed on being in relationship with ourselves, our characters and our collaborators. There will be an added focus on self-care, collective care and need recognition. Lastly, as this course will be tailored to the needs of emerging actors, we will include learning materials that illuminate pay equity, entrepreneurship and the business of acting.

Students Will Learn...

  • About Improv Theatre
  • How to Communicate Better
  • How to Be More Confident
  • How to say “Yes, And”
  • How to establish and navigate boundaries
  • How to Listen, Adapt, and Respond
  • How to Perform and be Present On Stage
  • How to Be More Creative
  • How to be in a deeper relationship with self.
  • How to be in a deeper relationship with our collaborators.