Cultural Activities Center

3011 N. 3rd St, Temple, TX 76501

Intro to Hand Sewing Teens 13+ AM

July 8th-12th Monday-Friday 10AM-Noon
Max Enrollment
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Instructor: Kylah Bergan
Ages: 13+
Dates: July 8th-12th
Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Cost: $125

Step into the world of creativity with our Kids Hand-sewing Class, a week-long adventure where young minds can explore the art of sewing! Each day of our event, participants will gather to learn the fundamentals of hand-sewing, from mastering basic stitches to bringing their imagination to life through fabric and thread. Guided by our skilled instructor, children will embark on projects ranging from adorable little animal friends to practical drawstring bags.

Throughout the week, we'll dive into various techniques and skills, teaching young sewists how to cut, pin, and stitch their way to beautiful creations. At our Kids Handsewing Class, we celebrate creativity without limits. Boys and girls of all skill levels are encouraged to join us as we explore the world of sewing together. So come along and discover the joy of turning fabric and thread into one-of-a-kind treasures!


Class meets July 8th-12th Monday-Friday