Laughs and LOLs

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Laughs and LOLs
July 8 – 19, 2024

"He who laughs, lasts". Comedy has been a universal language for decades and in this zany session campers will learn the art of comedy and clowning. We will laugh our way through exploring the greats of stand up, clowning, miming, jesters, jokesters and all-around funny people! Whether it's el Bobo from Spain, Pierrot from France, Contrary from the Plains Native American Tribes, or the comic antics of a Punch and Judy puppet show, These clowns will have you LOLing, ROTFLing, and HAHAing all day long. This session will culminate in a final performance where we can show you our bags of tricks!

ALL required camp Forms MUST be submitted BEFORE the first day of camp.   Health History Form  and Release Form: CLICK HERE