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QLab Workshop

10am - 4pm
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An Insight into using QLab and other programs in the Theatre

Saturday, March 16, 2024 – 10am – 4pm

At County Players, we use a Mac-based computer program called QLab to automate and streamline the technical elements of our productions. QLab is used extensively in the professional production industry and can be found in most Broadway theaters. This workshop will give attendees an opportunity to “look behind the curtain” and witness how this technology can help to reliably and repeatedly tell our stories.

A cursory knowledge of sound design, lighting design, and stage management is necessary to understand the depth and flexibility of the software. We will also preview a few freeware/low-cost audio editors, and discuss the pros and cons of Macs versus PCs in a production environment.

The remaining bulk of the workshop will be focused on QLab itself, and specifically how its capabilities are used at County Players. There will be hands-on demonstrations featuring numerous shows, both professional and amateur. Examples will be provided for common theatrical cues such as doorbells and phone rings, as well as more intricate soundscapes featuring multiple ambiences and musical underscoring. We will then see how we can integrate lighting cues into our shows. Attendees will ultimately be invited to “tell their own story” by writing their own cues and building a brief QLab show. 

PLEASE NOTE: There will be some deep discussion about advanced design topics, and a moderate degree of computer literacy is required. If you have your own MacOS-based laptop, we encourage you to bring it and download QLab (for free at There will be multiple demo computers available, but specific details will be shared once the class is fully registered.

Lunch will be provided.

Workshop fee: $25. Attendance is limited to 15.

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.