Simplified Forms (5 sessions)

Fridays, August 2 – August 30 1:00pm – 4:00pm
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Simplified Forms (5 sessions)

Adult; All Skill Levels

Instructor: Emily Hirtle

Fridays, August 2 – August 30

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Translating your ideas into your chosen material simply requires skill, an understanding of the materials you are working with, focus, and patience with yourself. In this class, students will learn through instructor lectures, documentaries, pre-recorded demonstrations available to students in and out of class time, and time to work on your projects in class. The pre-recorded demonstrations will include watercolor, gouache, soft pastel, and oil painting in a direct method. There will be weekly presentations of contemporary and historical artists that approached simplification in their work and other styles of art as well. Students have the option of receiving an assignment or choosing a self-driven project. For those who would like to participate, the instructor will also provide individual critiques and group critiques.

FEE: $135

Drawing/Painting Classroom, 2nd Level

Approx. Cost of Materials: $55-$120

Image Credit: Emily Hirtle