Direct Watercolor and Soft Pastel Painting (3 sessions)

Fridays, December 1 – December 15; 1:00pm – 4:00pm
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Direct Watercolor and Soft Pastel Painting (3 sessions)

Adult; All Skill Levels

Instructor: Emily Rose Hirtle

Fridays, December 1 – December 15

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Learn the fundamentals and application of painting in soft pastel and watercolor using a direct method. Discover essential techniques while practicing painting from life or from your photo references. Learn about different surfaces and materials such as toned paper, hot or cold press paper, brands of soft pastel and watercolor, and historical and contemporary painters who worked in soft pastel and watercolor. Each week you will receive pre-recorded demos on how to apply soft pastel and watercolor in a direct method. You may alternate between each medium or choose to focus on one. We will have group critiques and the instructor will provide individual critiques through the duration of this class.

FEE: $80

Painting/Drawing Studio, 2nd Level

Approx. Cost of Materials: $40-$60

Image Credit: Emily Rose Hirtle