09. The Haunting of THT

9:00am – 12:00p
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The Haunting of THT

Monday through Friday

July 22-24

9:00am – 12:00p

Students will make pin-hole cameras and learn how to create ghost photographs in the Town Hall Theater building. Turn something as ordinary as an oatmeal container into a camera, take a picture, develop it and in the process, create a ghost image, a backward image and other paranormal phenomena. Who knows, perhaps you will capture a real theater ghost as well.

Tuition: $145 (limit 12 students per session)*

*If you sign up for both 'The Haunting of THT' and 'Things That Fly,' the total tuition for both classes will be $215. This discounted rate cannot be applied online. Please either visit or call the Box Office to reserve your spot.

Ages: 8-11

Full or partial scholarships are also available.


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