Crash Course: The Big Circle

Sun 7/17 2-4:40p, 5pm Show
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Crash Course

This small performance-oriented workshop puts you on a whirlwind one-day introduction to a specific type of show. You'll be joining an 8-person team, learning the ins and outs of the show in a jam-packed 3 hours, and then performing it in front of a live audience. Prior improv experience required.

This week's show: The Big Circle

Come learn "The Big Circle," a fun twist on the famous La Ronde long-form format. While a classic La Ronde consists of a chain of two-person scenes, "The Big Circle" puts those scenes in a connected world that the improvisers build at the start of the show. The end result is a performance in which the improvisers get to play with fun, meaningful relationships in a small town full of gossip or a space station plummeting towards the Earth or any other world the improvisers come up with. In the workshop, the improvisers will develop skills crucial to the format (shared narration, purposeful scene starts, maintaining characters throughout a show), rehearse the format and then perform the format. All in one fun afternoon!



Course Location:

593 Somerville Ave

Somerville, MA 02143

Course Session:

Sun July 17 2:00-4:30pm, 5pm show

Instructor Bio:

John Serpico has been performing, directing and teaching improvisation since 2005. Based in Boston, John has worked as an instructor in the ImprovBoston Comedy School, for teams across New England, and at improv festivals throughout the country. His focus as a teacher is on developing skills that make scenes and characters real, honest and funny.