Applied Astrology: Leo with Emily Holland

Wed 8/11 7-9p
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Applied Astrology: Leo

Applied Astrology explores each month's sun sign, highlighting its unique vibe and strengths through improv. We'll play with ways to embody the zodiac on stage. Come learn how to lean into your own astrological chart or how to borrow from less familiar signs energy. Stretch the limits you know already. Bring a little witchiness with you onstage. Channel a new way to guide your choices and scenes. 



Course Location:

251 Harvard St, Room 7

Coolidge Corner

Brookline, MA 02446

This location requires the use of stairs and is therefore not accessible. Accessible classes are available at our Somerville location.

Course Sessions:

Wed August 10 7:00-9:00pm

Instructor Bio:

Emily Holland started doing improv in 2004 & started getting laughs in 2007. She's a former ImprovBoston resident cast member, teacher and the associate producer. Emily taught as adjunct faculty at Clark University Visual & Performing Arts for 5 years, before moving to Los Angeles (the first time), where she trained, performed and coached at UCB and iOWest. She has been fortunate to perform & teach workshops at comedy festivals all over North America and Japan. Emily has studied astrology for 3 years, after a lifetime of reading her horoscope. She can guess a lot of your chart in a little bit of time & would love to discuss. Her most cherished time on stage was a duoset with Emo Phillips on Valentine’s Day.