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The Weekend Show features our cast of House Teams.

Friday @ 7:30pm

Saturday @ 7:30pm 
Big Allowance

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Fridays at 9:00pm

Friday Night Fusion is a mix of Boston improv showcasing a local independent team followed by a Union Comedy cast:

People People - the silliest shows inspired by the funniest stories of social interactions gone horribly wrong.
Sudden Left

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The Pickle showcases a rotating cast of Boston's most experienced and hilarious improvisers and visiting performers from NYC, LA, Chicago, and everywhere else. Each week features a different guest storyteller, and the cast uses these stories as inspiration for a completely improvised show.

Every Saturday @ 9pm.

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Scramble!!! is a FREE improv jam running Sundays at 5pm.

The show often starts with a performance by a local indie team or a class performance, followed by a jam where everyone in attendance is welcome to get onstage (if you want to jam please sign up at the box office before the show). Participation in the jam is totally optional - you're welcome to just watch.

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Sundays at 6:30pm.

Two improv teams compete for your laughs and love in our weekly Cagematch. At the end of the show the audience votes to see which team will be sent home and which team returns the following week to defend their title against a new challenger.

The teams with the top 4 longest winning streaks by December will be invited to Cagematch Playoffs to determine that year's Cagematch Champion.

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Grad Show is a performance by students of the Union Comedy School showcasing what they've learned in their latest class.

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Union Comedy Presents features a select variety of independently produced comedy shows.

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@ The Rockwell

255 Elm St, Somerville

DOORS 9:00 - SHOW 9:30


Come check out one of the most storied independent comedy shows at The Rockwell in Somerville (formerly The Davis Square Theatre). The Kerfuffle came from the imaginations of Jackie Arko, Hannah Foell, and Casey Malone—and it's the blind-booked vaudeville variety show de jour. It features a mix of sketch, interactive, and completely undefinable comedy.

Hosted by Jackie Arko & Tess Varney

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