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Winter Concert: Strength & The Art of Dance

Feb 11, 2020, Roosevelt High School

Ethel Smyth
Serenade in D Major (1889)

Maria Newman
Brass Chorales, Op. 35 N0. 3 (1997)

Michael Daugherty
“Red Cape Tango,” from Metropolis Symphony (1993)

Arturo Márquez
Danzón No.2 (1994)

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Spring Concert: Lyrical Goodbye

Stacy Garrop
"Penelope Waits" (2013), from Mythology Symphony

George Walker
Lyrics for Strings

“Astoria Window”
Duo of Margaret Davis and Jon Shadle – World Premiere (commissioned by SCO)

Kurt Weill
Symphony No. 2 (1934)

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Music of Hummie Mann

Selections of film music by composer Hummie Mann, who wrote the music for films including Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Year of the Comet, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

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General: $20
Senior: $15
Student (0-18): FREE

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