Fells Point Corner Theatre

Every donation is 100% tax deductible and all proceeds go directly to supporting the theater. 

Fells Point Corner Theatre is proudly committed to our neighborhood, our artists and the work we create. We are a small, volunteer, not-for-profit organization that has survived for three decades thanks to the steadfast generosity of people like you.
We realize that many worthwhile organizations are asking for your donations at this time and we gladly accept donations of all sizes. At FPCT, we strongly believe in the power of community. Every little bit makes a difference.  

Why Donate to FPCT? 

Your donation will help us maintain a safe environment for our staff, artists, and patrons. Our beloved building is aging and in need of fundamental repairs. These improvements are necessary to ensure the continued functioning of our historic building and prevent irreparable damage.
There are several initiatives that we have planned for the upcoming year:
  • Renovations to our decades old roof
  • Green Energy Improvements for the HVAC System in the Building
  • New Theater Educational Program for Local Youth and Adults
Your generosity will allow FPCT to host community events, after-school classes, and share our space with fellow artists and collaborators. And it will also allow us to continue to serve the Upper Fells Point community, the Baltimore theatre community, and you. We have set a fundraising goal of at least $40,000 to address these urgent needs and we humbly ask for your help to achieve it. Thank you for supporting FPCT!  
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