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Portland Story Theater is a passionate advocate for diverse narrative and our loyal listeners. Contributions and sponsorships facilitate outreach, support our operations, and keep ticket prices affordable. As an advocate for the narrative art of storytelling, Portland Story Theater strives to broaden audiences, develop new approaches, and support existing and new storytelling programs. We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization. [EIN #27-0670834] and all donations are tax deductible within the limits of the law.

If you'd rather send a check by mail, that's fine. Please send via USPS to: Portland Story Theater, Inc., 3333 NE 15th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212

Get a Tax Deduction and a Tax Credit ... Here's how!

  • First, make a donation to Portland Story Theater. (See below). 
  • Second, make an equal or greater contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust online at Portland Story Theater is one of Oregon's qualifying 501(c)(3) cultural non-profits.
  • Finally, claim your 100%, dollar for dollar tax credit for your gift to the Trust on your Oregon state income tax (up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly and $2,500 for Oregon Corporations). Keep in mind that a tax credit is different from a tax deduction. With a tax credit, your tax bill is literally reduced by the amount of the credit.


Make a Matching Gift

Make your donation do double duty! As a non-profit organization, Portland Story Theater is eligible for the matching gift programs operated by many employers. Ask your human resources department to obtain a form, send it to Portland Story Theater's office and know that you’ve just increased the impact of your donation without any additional cost to you.

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