General Membership in Franklin Opera House Restoration Committee, Inc. entitles you to elect the Board of Directors at our annual meeting, and other benefits.

If you are interested in supporting us as a Business Member or a Sponsor Member, please contact us.

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Voting rights and special events


1 Free Ticket


2 Free Tickets


4 Free Tickets


6 Free Tickets


25% Off All Tickets

ORG Membership - Advocate90.00

1/8 page program ad - 1 free Ticket

ORG Membership - Partner175.00

1/4 page program ad - 2 free tickets

ORG Membership - Booster300.00

1/2 page program ad - 4 free tickets

Sponsor Membership - Bronze500.00

1/2 page program ad - show-related publicity - 4 free tickets

Sponsor Membership - Silver1000.00

full page program ad - show-related publicity - 6 free tickets

Sponsor Membership - Gold2000.00

full page program ad - season-related publicity - 8 free tickets

Legacy Society10000.00

For major gifts and planned giving. Includes lifetime membership. For more info contact us, or Paul Gatehouse of Independence Financial Advisors, our fiscal agent for this program, at (603) 934-8378.