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  • Seating before the general public for Season Tickets
  • 10% Discount & seating before the general public for Single Tickets
  • Free Exchange / Replacement of tickets
  • Recognition in the Playbill
  • Tax Receipt / Gift Acknowledgement

Good Friend75.00
  • 1 complimentary ticket OR 1/8 page ad
  • !st Choice of Seats for Season Tickets
  • Recognition on the web site

Best Friend135.00
  • 2 complimentary tickets OR 1/4 page ad
  • Recognition in the lobby
  • "Meet the Stars" (when possible)

Super Friend250.00
  • 3 complimentary tickets OR 1/2 Page ad
  •  Attend rehearsals/backstage tours (when possible)
  • Tickets will be mailed - no handling fees

True Friend500.00
  • 6 complimentary tickets OR Full page ad 
  • Sponsor 1 Youtheatre performance
  • VIP Telephone Number

Great Friend1000.00
  • 12 complimentary tickets OR center page ad
  • Sponsor 2 Youtheatre performances
  • Autograph of the Stars
  • Reserved Parking on show nights

Fabulous Friend2500.00
  • 24 complimentary tickets OR Back Page ad
  • Sponsor 3 Youththeatre performances
  • Complimentary drinks/coat check on show nights
  • Introduce a performance from the stage

Sensational Friend5000.00
  • 48 complimentary tickets Season OR Inside Front Cover ad
  • Sponsor 4 Youththeatre performances
  • Special Appreciation Gift
  • Honorary producer of a performance

Priceless Friend10000.00
  • 96 complimenary tickets OR Back Cover ad
  • Please inquire about this very special level of giving
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