Membership in Telluride Chamber Music

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Grassland Circle10.00

If you are able, we invite you to donate any amount to join the Grassland Circle and your name will be printed on the program under Sponsors.

Treeline Circle1000.00

If you are able, we invite you to join the Tree Line Circle with a gift of $1,000 or more. As part of the Tree Line Circle, you will be guaranteed priority seating. (Ticket not included)

Corporate Sponsor1000.00

Corporate sponsors of $1000 or more will have their advertising printed in the programs.

Summit Circle2000.00

We invite you to join the Summit Circle and sponsor an artist of your choice. As part of the Summit Circle, you would Buy An Artist Chair for $2,000 or more. Your name will be printed on the program under the photograph of the chosen artist and a subscription ticket included with your donation. You will be guaranteed seats in the first 1-3 rows with little to no viewing obstructions.
Please enter the artist's name in the notes section on the next page as well as a second choice in case the first artist selected has already been sponsored.


  • Kathryn Lockwood, Co-Artistic Director, duoJalal & Viola 

“An Aussie who loves to garden and hike”

  • Yousif Sheronick, Co-Artistic Director, duoJalal & Percussion

“An Iowan-Lebanese who loves to ride his bike and cook”

  • Casey Howes, Dancer & Choreographer

"Sneaky rogue with and eye for color and a taste for lemon squares from LA"

  • Jacob Warren, Dancer & Choreographer

"Shapeshifter and Ninja-enthusiast from New York"

  • Inessa Zaretsky, Piano

“A New Yorker that loves reading and traveling”

  • Orion Weiss, Piano

"Iowa born, Cleveland bred, New Jersey resident who will try to climb a 14er or two after the festival"

  • Deborah Buck, Violin

“A Southern Californian gal who adores getting lost amongst the trees and swimming in lakes and oceans”

  • Min-Young Kim, Violin

“An Eastern Long Islander who’s learning rhythm guitar in her 50’s'”

  • Caroline Stinson, Cello

"A Canadian cellist who enjoys creating an oasis of native plants and habitat for birds in her backyard in Durham, NC."

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