The Diary of Anne Frank- Sep. 9- Oct. 1, 2016 (Previews: Sep. 7 & 8): In a tiny attic in Amsterdam in 1944, two families of Jewish refugees hide in silence from the Nazi Regime below.  Unable to speak for fear of being discovered, the young Anne Frank tells her story by writing in her diary. The Diary of Anne Frank is a harrowingly intimate view of history’s greatest atrocity as seen through the eyes of one extraordinary young girl.  The chronicle of her family’s experience endures as both a condemning indictment of man’s capacity for cruelty and a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit.

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The Elephant Man- Oct. 14- Nov. 5, 2016 (Previews: Oct. 12 & 13): This Tony Award winning play tells the true life tale of Joseph Merrick, whose severe physical deformities landed him in a Victorian freak-show. Joseph is rescued by Frederick Treves, a young doctor who discovers that behind the disfigured visage, lies not an animal, but an intelligent mind and a sensitive soul. As their friendship develops, Frederick endeavors to show the world to Joseph, who discovers it is both more beautiful and more cruel than he could have imagined.    
Note: this production contains nudity

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Much Ado About Nothing: Nov. 18- Dec. 10, 2016 (Previews: Nov. 16 & 17): Beatrice and Benedick are the perfect match. It’s too bad they can’t stand each other. When their war of wits comes to a head, their friends decide there’s only one thing to be done- trick the hapless couple into falling hopelessly love. They set in motion a series of plots, pranks, plans and ploys all designed to bring the cynical Benedick and spirited Beatrice into a “mountain of affection.” Will their scheming succeed, or will it all be Much Ado About Nothing?

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Every Christmas Story Ever Told*- December 14- 31, 2016: CSC’s holiday smash hit Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!) is back! What begins as another annual production of A Christmas Carol, soon devolves into a slightly irreverent look at all of our favorite “Beloved Holiday Classics” including It’s a Wonderful Life, Frosty, Rudolph, Charlie Brown and more! Three actors (with the help of Santa) send up everything from Dickens to Dr. Seuss in 90 minutes of high octane jollity and frivolity. *Not part of subscription package and no discounts apply.
Note: This show will be appreciated by adults and older teens, but is not recommended for anyone young enough to still believe in Santa.

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Henry VI: The Wars of the Roses, Part 2- Jan. 20- Feb. 11, 2017 (Previews Jan. 18 & 19): The History Cycle spirals towards its inevitable end in the penultimate chapter of Shakespeare's greatest saga.Sides have been chosen and loyalties tested as the Wars of the Roses rage on. The houses of York and Lancaster contend for control of the kingdom, and in the midst of the chaos a certain hunch-backed hellion begins his infamous maneuverings to win the crown. Paired with the upcoming production of Richard III, this theatrical event is not to be missed!

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Richard III- Feb. 17- Mar. 11, 2017 (Previews: Feb. 15 & 16): Shakespeare's game of thrones enters its endgame as the history cycle's final chapter takes the stage. The ruthless, remorseless and relentless Richard Plantaganet has his eyes set on the throne of England, and he makes the happy earth his hell as he carves a bloody swath through all that stands in his way. The History Cycle comes to its thrilling conclusion with the story of England’s most murderous monarch, Richard III.

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A Raisin in the Sun- Mar. 24- Apr. 15, 2017 (Previews: Mar. 23 & 24): A Raisin in the Sun tells the story of the Youngers, a working class family in 1950s Chicago. When an unexpected financial windfall gives them the opportunity for a better life, conflicts within the family and pressures from without threaten to shatter their opportunity at the American dream. The recipient of four Tony Award nominations, A Raisin in the Sun is a true masterpiece of the American stage.

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The Tempest- Apr. 28- May 20, 2017 (Previews: Apr. 26 & 28): Betrayed and exiled to a deserted island, with only his books and his infant daughter for company, the magician Prospero has spent years plotting his revenge. When fate places all his old enemies within his reach, Prospero summons a magical storm that brings them crashing down onto his shores. This romantic tale replete with magic and monsters, love and liquor, and retribution and redemption is a voyage you won’t want to miss

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