Dan Navarro returns to the CST stage as we celebrate the return to live concerts. It is fitting that Dan is our first guest as 20 years ago, Dan and his partenr, the late Eric Lowen, were the first performers in what was to become the One Night Jam series. Lowen and Navarro first collaborted as songwriters, most notably they wrote "We Belong" which became a hit for Pat Benatar in the 80's. After a few years they began touring and recording their own music, because no one could do it better (that's our opinion). In March of 2012, Eric succumbed to ALS after an 8 year battle, Dan has continued on as a solo artist and is currently touring to promote his first solo album "Shed My Skin." Check out Dan's Facebook page, Dan Navarro Music and you'll see a video of him singing the National Anthem at the 7/9 LA Dodgers game (checked one off his bucket list.) He also paid a visit to Pete Mroz who sang "We Belong" on The Voice with the original L&N lyrics which sent Dan on a road trip to meet him. If you've never seen Dan but enjoy folk music and songs from the heart, please join us.

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