EPiC Summer

Directed by Scott Ogle

A Community favorite night of hilarious improvisational comedy

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EPiC G Rated

We added a new performance with new games and old ones specially adapted for kids of all ages!

Come see this 45 minute, 1 act show!  

Directed by Scott Ogle

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A special reading presented at the EP Studio!

One woman desperately waits to hear from her lover.

One woman desperately tries to reach her husband.‚Äč

Being ghosted didn't start with texting, and these dramatic readings from the 1940s explore how even though our technology is completely different, some things never change.

In "A Telephone Call" a woman tries not to come unhinged as she waits for a phone call her lover promised her would come two and a half hours ago. In "Sorry, Wrong Number" a woman confined to her bed cannot get a hold of her husband, but when the telephone wires cross and she overhears a murder plot, she fights tooth and nail to save a life.

Bewilderness Theatre Company was founded in 2017 in London by international alumni and master's students from East 15 Acting School, and is now based in Denver, CO. Founded with the goal to create work that to uses the multi-cultural flair of its artists, our mission is to respond to the modern world, and to inspire a sense of adventure, imagination, and deep thought onstage.

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The Dining Room

By A.R Gurney

Directed by Jay Louden

A comedy of manners using a mosaic of interrelated scenes to portray an upper-middle-class ( )

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Season's Readings 2018

Directed by Kathleen Davis

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