Directed by Hayley Rice

100 years after the death of Victor Frankenstein, noted scientist Maria von Moos decides to excavate a ruined castle deep in the Geneva woods. In her search to uncover one mad-man’s secrets, she makes a startling discovery that will take us from the Swiss Alps to Vystario’s Menagerie of the Macabre and deep into the very soul of humanity. Inspired by the work of Mary Shelley, The Jigsaw Bride continues the electrifying legend.


Directed by Brigitte Ditmars

Thrill to the first adventure of Tommy and Tuppence, Agatha Christie’s most dashing and romantic detectives. In the wake of the Great War, England finds itself under attack from a Secret Council of its enemies, plotting to undermine and subvert one of the bastions of freedom. Can Tommy and Tuppence thread the maze of mysteries and murders to save Great Britain from the Bolsheviks? As they follow the trail of clues that lead all the way back to the sinking of the Lusitania, Tommy and Tuppence are drawn further and further into a web of both love and deception, where they can trust no one but themselves.


Director TBA

Come revel in one of literature’s most joyous light-hearted romantic comedies, as young Emma Woodhouse seeks to prove her skills at matchmaking. Good hearted Emma cannot resist inserting herself into the love lives of her neighbors, leaving a muddle of passions and a tangle of heartbreak in her wake. Can even her dearest friends and family help Emma swallow her pride and learn to value the needs of others over her own desires? This is Austen at her most delightful!

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