September 21st- October 4th, 2020

When Annie arrives in Seattle for the weekend, she has two objectives: watch her brother Will graduate from the MBA program at the University of Washington and hook up with that piece of man meat she’s been objectifying for the last two years. It’s mutual, or so she thinks. Without warning, Ben is proposing marriage — citing bashert and a lucrative new job. And Annie is seriously considering it. And Sam is tired of waiting. And Will is, frankly, over it.

Utilizing a rotating cast of perspectives that explore sex, love, and heartbreak within this intimate family unit, Halcyon explores the multiformity of queerness, the messiness of sibling relationships, the malleability of faith, and what it really means to hurt someone you love. 

Halycon can be streamed anytime from Monday 9/21 to Sunday 10/4, once you purchase your ticket. Please see our FAQ for more information.

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October 19th - November 1st, 2020

In the midst of city-wide gentrification, rumors of building buyouts and community displacement
swirl among the tenants at the Riverwood Apartments. When their worst fears are realized the lives of five people are thrown into upheaval. As seventeen year-old Tel and Crunch navigate their place in society as young, Black men, building super, Lenard, dreams of hitting it big in the lotto. Community warrior, Dédra fights to keep her neighborhood intact, while building manager, Miss Penny is content to do away with it all.
With painful pasts revealed and uncertain futures ahead, each member of this tight community finds themselves asking: how much would you risk in order to own your own dream? Part coming of age story, part slice of life, Riverwood explores the difficult nature of setting up roots and letting go.

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Christmastown 2.0


November 9th - November 21st, 2020

Over the river and through the woods stands Bell House, the venerated and ancestral home to the Sisters Bell, Christmastown’s first family. When Carol Rutherford Bingbong Bell walks into Holiday and Rude Private Investigations with a wild story of a ghost haunting her hallowed halls, Nick and Rudy find themselves thrust into a mystery that transports them to Christmases past, present and yet to come. Be you young or old, meek or bold, join SPT this season for an all new Christmastown mystery that dares ask the question- what really happened to Jessica Kringle after her beloved Kris disappeared that fateful night? And is it her spirit that walks, walks alone in the upper corridors of Bell House?

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Christmastown: A Radio Play


November 27th - December 31st, 2020

We’ll be bringing back the holiday favorite and now Seattle tradition of Christmastown in radio play form! In this film noir-inspired holiday thriller, hard-boiled detective Nick Holiday investigates some un-holiday-like shenanigans taking place in Christmastown that sends him on a search for the truth about Big Red. Add a glamorous elf, a used-Christmas-tree salesman, a muckraking reporter, and a quick-thinking cab driver, and you have what the Seattle Times calls the “best new holiday romp of the year!”

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System Breakdown


January 11th - January 23rd, 2021

Detectives Shawna Williams and Felix Decaro have a knack for solving crimes, in fact they’re the best at it. In a universe very similar to theirs, however, they are two seemingly helpless goofballs living in an 80’s cop sitcom/ movie who may just be smarter than they appear. When both pairs stumble upon a case involving the death of humans in one world and a robot in the other, their worlds wind up on a collision course of comedy, robots, and a warehouse with a lot of doors. Who committed the murders? Is teleportation real? And who can you trust, humans or robots? When Shawna and Felix of any world are on the case, you better believe these mysteries and more will be solved!

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The Great Inconvenience


February 8th - February 20th, 2021

2050. Somewhere on the West Coast of the United States. A scrappy group of historical re-enactors—orphans of our next civil war—have formed a chosen family. Abandoned by a government that no longer pretends to serve any but the rich, their survival gig is helping to whitewash some of the worst atrocities in American history for audiences of wealthy schoolchildren.
When an unexpected visitor starts camping out in their dioramas, portending a new and growing danger, they’re forced to face their own histories, and contend with the revelation that the woman they all work for is much more than just their boss.

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