Take Five

by Westley Pederson

Directed by Carl Dahlquist

7/21/23 at 7:30pm

Imagine you are an actor on opening night trying to perform on a set that isn't completed. Then one actor doesn't show up, a man from the audience uses your stage phone to argue with his wife, the props either don't work or are missing, the lighting and sound cues are off and two silly, incompetent stagehands do their worst. That's only the beginning of this award-winning show which actually caused a woman in one audience to fall from her chair in laughter. This delightful play is filled with surprises and zany characters and is ideal for competition, fund-raising and pure entertainment.

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The Birth of Theatre

by Jules Tasca

Directed by Jay Hash

7/21/23 at 9pm

A dramatic recreation of how many theater historians believe theater arose, as a reenactment of the hunt. To break up the humdrum of life in their camp, tribal elders give four hunters the task, of showing the whole clan how they killed a giant bear. Since these seasoned, burly hunters have no idea of how to "play" the hunt, they invent, before our eyes the theater. They discover acting, directing, costuming and props. It is a magical moment for actors and audiences as the hunt is brought to life and the great bear is "slain" again.

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A Play With Words

by Peter Bloedel

Directed by Cydoni Reyes

7/22/23 at 1pm

"Scribe is an angst-filled writer experiencing some serious word-related anxiety as he attempts to create a play. In his search to find the words that fit, he becomes the main character in his own play where plot means less than the words that tangle around him. A Play With Words
 is a high-energy one-act filled with puns, spoonerisms, malapropisms, rhymes, oxymorons, literal metaphors, and mixed proverbs, all culminating in an outrageous ""Who's on First?""-style courtroom scene."

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Appropriate Audience Behavior

by Ian McWethy

Directed by Jenny Breyer

7/22/23 at 2:30pm

Carol and Ashley are expecting a tale of woe as they take their seats to watch Hamlet, but the real tragedy is that they're sitting next to the world's noisiest weirdos. The audience takes the spotlight as everyone from a cough-drop obsessive to a guy watching the play like a football game steals the show from the unseen Shakespearean masterpiece. An outrageously meta comedy that reminds us where the drama belongs--onstage.

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by Conrad Bromberg

Directed by Noelle Guest

7/22/23 at 4pm

The scene is the bare stage of a theatre, where two actors, one young, one old, await the start of rehearsals. They play chess and exchange theatre stories, but as they do so deeper chords are touched. Just as they represent two generations, and two schools of acting, so do they reflect two distinct ways of thinking—the older man has learned to compromise and to hold back his true opinions; while the younger man must live, and act, as openly as his emotions dictate. Ultimately sparks are struck, and their conversation cuts to the root of human relationships. But, when they part, it is evident that both, in finally revealing their deepest and most honest thoughts, have also gained much from each other—perhaps even more than they have been aware of giving.

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Act THree, Scene Five

by Terrence Ortwein

Directed by Tony Bump

7/22/23 at 6:30pm

Five students are rehearsing Act Three, Scene Five of Romeo and Juliet. Things are not going well. Inexperience, egos and jealousies are becoming more important than the show. The sometimes comic, always touching, love story of Romeo and Juliet is paralleled by a growing offstage relationship. This is a fresh and exciting play, a delightful look at how young actors make theatre come alive.

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The Birth of Theatre

by Doug Cooney

Directed by Georgia Ketchmark

7/22/23 at 8pm

Thrilled to be cast in a current production of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Mustardseed buckles down to read the play and memorize her lines—all four of them! But she couldn't prepare for the backstage comedy that unfolds with the other three teenage girls cast as fairies. There's Moth, the seasoned ringleader; Cobweb, her wisecracking sidekick; and Peaseblossom, the boy-crazy pretty one. Ignoring Mustardseed's insistence that they should read the play, these fairies prefer to hang out in costume in the green room, playing cards, reading tabloids and gossiping about Bottom, Puck, Titania and other grown-up actors. As the run of Midsummer
 progresses, the action jumps between their comical antics backstage to well-rehearsed Shakespeare in the ""forest outside Athens."" Although they never buckle down to read the play, each character experiences a real-life coming-of-age moment in a young girl's journey through high school that is underscored and illuminated by the themes in Shakespeare's text.

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The Last Comedienne

by Chris McKerracher

Directed by Alicia Turvin

7/22/23 at 9:30pm

A nationally-televised stand-up comedy show featuring the three finalists who will compete for the crown of Ms. Comedienne of the Year. THe finalists perform for the competition and discuss their feelings about their work backstage.

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The Monologue Show From Hell

by Don Zolidis

Directed by Mike Jones

7/23/23 at 1pm

It took Mr. Banks's drama class three long months to prepare for their monologue show . . . but barely a minute to throw all their plans out the window. From the couple staging their real-life break-up to the garden-gnome thief confessing his crimes, everything that can go wrong will in this flexible collection of hilarious tall tales.

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The Make-Up Artist

by David Henry Wilson

Directed by Doug Sellers

7/23/23 at 2:30pm

This play begins almost casually as a beautiful young girl is preparing backstage to make up an actor for a role. The actor, young, brassy and self-confident, is delighted to find such an attractive make-up artist. While she proceeds impassively with her work, he talks about his great importance while making passes at her. Unperturbed, she continues her work, always making him a little older. His manner is subtly shifting from big talk to complaints about his bad luck. Implacably she continues and now the actor is giving way to self-pity. The relentless make-up artist is now making the actor an unsure old man and "All that remains is the final walk to darkness.”

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Caught In The Act

by Bruce Kane

Directed by August Wygal

7/23/23 at 4pm

Two characters trapped in a one act play find it difficult to sort out their relationship when their lines keep getting re-written in this popular two person one act.

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Nicky and The Theatre For A New World

by Ernest Joselovitz

Directed by Samm Hill

7/23/23 at 5:30pm

Nick Salvatore reminiscences about his youthful years with Buffy Harmatz as producer at a scratch for survival theatre, revealing both the exhilarating craziness of theatre and the harsh realities of maturing. The magic of theatre, the sixties diminishing into the seventies, and, most of all, the battling push and pull friendship which transcends it all are delightfully portrayed.

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Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Rajiv Joseph

Directed by Dorinda Toner

Oct 13 - Oct 29

Over the course of 30 years, the lives of Kayleen and Doug intersect at the most bizarre intervals, leading the two childhood friends to compare scars and the physical calamities that keep drawing them together.

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Christmas in Christmasville, a Christmas Show about Christmas Movies

Written and Directed by Chris Byrne

Dec 1 - Dec 17

If you are a hopeless romantic who loves to curl up and bask in the glow of holiday rom-com movies, you won’t want to miss Christmas in Christmasville, a Christmas Show about Christmas Movies. This vaguely mid-western small town has it all: a disillusioned widow, a generically handsome barista, an overworked lawyer, her chronically single sister, a big-city cookie mogul, a country singer, C-list actors, a holiday festival, Christmas songs, and of course a beloved old man with a white beard. This original musical comedy is sure to delight people who are so filled with holiday spirit that they start listening to Christmas music in September as well as the people who like to make fun of them.

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