Arizona Bach Festival - non-ticket items

For our 2022 and 2023 Festivals, we produced high-quality, multi-camera video recordings of each of the Festival events. We will do the same for our upcoming 2024 Festival, and offer the four concert videos as a Video Package at the very reasonable price of only $75. Video Packages are available to anyone, whether or not they attend concerts in person. The recordings of the concerts are sent as YouTube links to package purchasers and one Video Package covers viewing by your immedite household.

The Video Package is also available as an add-on to individual ticket purchases, but not when purchasing Festival Passes (due to limitations of our ticketing system). Festival Pass purchasers can use the "View Details" button below to purchase a 2024 Video Package as a separate transaction. Video Packages for the 2022 and 2023 Festivals are still available at discounted price of $50 each. Click on any of the "View Details" buttons below to start the purchase process.

Item Price
2024 Video Package $75.00 View Details
2023 Video Package $50.00 View Details
2022 Video Package $50.00 View Details

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