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Redeeming a gift certificate? At this time, gift certificates cannot be redeemed for CDs online. Please send an email or call us at 602-253-2224 and we'll be happy to process your order for you.
Eternal Rest$22.00More Information/
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Grechaninov: Passion Week$22.00More Information/
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Northern Lights$22.00More Information/
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Of A Rose: A Chorale Christmas$17.00More Information/
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Rheinberger: Sacred Choral Works$22.00More Information/
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Shakespeare In Song$22.00More Information/
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A Southwest Christmas$17.00More Information/
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Spotless Rose: Hymns to the Virgin Mary$22.00More Information/
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Gift Certificates

Phoenix Chorale gift certificates can be used for tickets, subscriptions, and CD purchases. Gift certificates can be redeemed through the Phoenix Chorale box office by calling 602-253-2224 or anytime online only for ticket purchases.

To purchase a gift certificate, simply enter the dollar amount you would like to give and the name of the recipient (you can add a personal inscription if you'd like).
Note: As soon as you complete your purchase, you will be able to print out the gift certificate.(Or, if you would prefer, you can enter the recipient's email address and we will email the gift certificate directly to them.)
Amount of certificate
Recipient name
Recipient Email (optional)*
Inscription (if desired)
*If you enter an email, the system will automatically email the gift certificate to the recipient. You will also get a copy. If you don't enter an email, you can print it out and give it to them, or forward the email to them.