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Item Price
5k student $10.00 View Details
Baseball Cap $18.00 View Details
Beer $4.00 View Details
Bumper Sticker $3.00 View Details
Concessions $1.00 View Details
Crewneck Sweatshirt $25.00 View Details
Cue, Color Event Ticket $15.00 View Details
Late Night Cabaret Admission $10.00 View Details
Tank Top $15.00 View Details
Tote Bag $12.00 View Details
T-Shirt $15.00 View Details
Wine $4.00 View Details
Item Price Description
2019 Annual Pass - 8 show $100.00

Your Annual Pass is valid for 1 admission each of our 8 shows this season.

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2019 Fall Pass - 3 show $42.00

This Fall Pass is valid for 1 admission to each of our 3 fall productions.

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2019 Punch Card Pass $90.00

ThisPunch Card Pass is valid for 1 admission to your choice of 6 performances throughout the season.

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2019 Snowbird Pass - 6 shows $75.00

The Snowbird pass is valid for 1 admission to all 6 productions in our Fall and Summer Season

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