An elephant named Gerald and a pig named Piggie are best, best, "bestus" (a word Gerald and Piggie made up that means "very best") friends, but Gerald worries that something could go wrong that would end their friendship. Piggie is not worried at all. She's even happier and more excited than usual. That's because she and Gerald are invited to a party hosted by the Squirrelles, three singing squirrels who love to have a good time. And so begins a day when anything is possible.

ON OUR 11AM shows only!  For an additional $2 you can have a special book reading and photo time with Elephant, Piggie, and a special guest on stage.  You will also receive a special Elephant and Piggie fun pack.  This will all happen at 10:30am just before the show starts.  Be sure to add this for a One-of-a-Kind experience.

Running Time:  60 min

Dates and Times:  June 8, 15, and 22 at 11am

Cost:  All seats are $10

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