DYPC Presents Winter's Waltz

With a tummy full of cocoa and cookies, she sits cozily reading a favorite book until her eyelids begin to flutter and she allows the wave of sleepiness to overtake her. Enchanted by the magic of the season, our young dancer falls sweetly into a dream filled slumber.

She is gently awakened by the angelic singing of nearby carolers–but when she looks out of the window, there is only snow blanketing her quiet neighborhood. She searches within her room for the source and follows the celestial voices into a winter adventure that was nearby all along.

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DYPC: Winter's Waltz

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$13 General

$8 Student/Senior/Military

$5 Childern ages 3 & under

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$15 General

$10 Student/Senior/Military

$7 Children ages 3 & under

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