Wednesdays at the Whiteside: Jeremiah Johnson 

September 25th at 7 PM

We're back with a brand new season of movies for Wednesdays at the Whiteside! Bring your friends, bring your enemies, bring your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. Just get down here for great second run films!

A Mexican-American War veteran, Jeremiah Johnson (Robert Redford), heads to the mountains to live in isolation. Woefully unequipped for the task at hand, Johnson is fortunate to come across a seasoned mountain man (Will Geer) willing to teach him the necessary survival tactics. As life continues in the mountains, Johnson finds himself a native bride (Delle Bolton) and an adopted son (Josh Albee). However, their peaceful existence is threatened when Johnson incurs the ire of the Crow Indians.

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$5 GA