Windish Music presents

Mason Porter at Uptown!

Saturday, October 26, 2019 7:30pm
Running Time: approx. 2HRS

"Bluegrass musicianship meets jam-band exploration, delivered with a self-confident Philly attitude." Joe Hudak, -Rolling Stone.

It's that raw energy that connects Mason Porter with their audience every time. They play a style of American music that's unique in many ways; traveling in the borderlands of folk-rock, bluegrass, jam and pop. The band has the ability to combine the earthy, Appalachian instruments with more urban appeal. With a dance-able vibe, an energetic live show and fresh approach to improvisation, Mason Porter and its growing community finds itself at home everywhere they go.

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GREEN VIP $22 (includes 1 signed poster)

BLUE Adult $15 

*There will be a $3 service fee per ticket at time of purchase