Guest Concert: Allen Russell Gina Laurenzi Dance Project present…


Oh the masks we wear. Trapped amidst the false personas swarming the space, she sees the room for what it truly is - grotesque! The observer becomes the observed as actions and interactions cause the mask of this fantasy world to shift, to fall away. In quiet corners and between glances, a glimpse into each individual’s reality is revealed as they break from the facade. It’s infectious...

Movers of the Gina Laurenzi Dance Project dance this tale to life through the haunting compositions of Allen Russell. View the work of local artists Jenny Urbanek and Christal Wagner before each concert, and connect with /ˌmaskəˈrād/ collaborators in an after-party & artist mingle following the 8:00 pm performance.

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Reserved -$18.00

General Admission - $16.00

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General Admission - $18.00

Student - $14.00

Senior - $14.00

Military -$14.00

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