A Cripple's Dance

@freaquedom & A Cripple's Dance

 Nov 9 & 10  Only 

Through music, dance, and words, we’ll be telling the story of a longing for deeper breath. The story of care and support, and the involvement of letting/pushing the person who needs care to take risks and face the dangers of life. The story of anger and how it can be used to unearth yourself from oppressive structures. The story of balancing a need for solitude and community. The story of accepting life as it is while simultaneously accepting that you can long and desire for more out of this life. This is the story of a Cripple who wants to Dance.

Prices range from $20->$8

"A Cripple's Dance" is a live music and dance performance created and performed by people with Spinal Cord Injuries and people with able bodies. The performance began as an expression of Gabriel Rodreick's desire to dance, move, and reconnect with his body post injury, and has now become a deeper story about how to hold the acceptance of one's injury and hope for a life beyond one's injury in the same hand.


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 Sat Evening & Sun Matinee
1st Price2nd Price
Full Price $20 $18
Senior Disc $18 $16
Student Disc $16 $14
Child Disc $10 $8