“Wrong Turn at Lungfish” is the story of an embittered, newly blind college Professor and his encounters with a streetwise young woman who volunteers to read to him in the hospital. The clash of intellect and wit takes the two from animosity and fear to eventual friendship and understanding. As the dying Professor reviews his past life choices, Anita (the reader) explores her tumultuous relationship with her handsome, but abusive boyfriend, and begins to make some life choices of her own. Adding to the fun is the Nurse, another young person grappling with the responsibilities of being an adult, while coping with quite possibly, one of the world’s most exasperating patients (the Professor). Drama-Logue called this “A compassionate, humorous comedy of character with philosophical overtones,” and The Hollywood Reporter cited the play as “An imaginative potion of laughter, lament, and transcendence.”

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