In 1971, a man who has become know only as DB Cooper, boards Northwest Orient flight 305 from Portland to Seattle. The flight normally takes about an hour, but after 30-minutes Cooper reveals he has a bomb in his briefcase and will blow the plane up unless he receives $200,000 in small bills and 4 parachutes. After the plane lands in Seattle and the ransom paid, Cooper releases the passengers but not the crew of the Boeing 727. He then instructs the pilot to fly to Mexico. The plane takes off from Seattle at about 7pm and heads south. Around 8pm, Cooper lowers the plane's rear stairway and jumps into the night. He becomes an American legend, since his parachute, bomb, ransom money and his body have never recovered.

Each 10 years the FBI holds a reunion, of sorts, with all the witnesses who had seen Cooper on the plane. It is during the last reunion, 46 years after the crime, that my play takes place. Only 4 witnesses attend, plus the FBI agent leading the investigation, and a representative from the insurance company.

As this is a work in progress, I want to hear what members of the audience think of my play. If changes are to be made, now is the time to do so. Was the play clear ? Did the audience understand the events of the hijacking ? Did they know the role of each character ?

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