Space Force + Sci-fi Shorts

Saturday, November 16 @ 8 pm

Part of a 2 weekend SciFi event! See one show for $10 or all 4 for $30!

In space, no-one can hear you break the law … except for Space Force! In the not-too-distant future, a Martian caravan heading for a labor camp crash-lands on The Moon following a rescue attempt by a group of resistance fighters. The survivors become the audience for a live studio taping of a TV show about the trials and tribulations of Donald Trump’s Space Force! A science fiction parody of classic cop shows, modern-day politics, and the possible future. The program also features readings of short new science fiction plays from the writers of “Space Force!” Starring Julia Giolzetti, Omar Ramos, Jeff Hillman, Michael Shantz, and Floyd Strayer as The Captain. Written and directed by Michael Shantz with Tom Steward. The San Diego Union-Tribune calls it “hilarious, well-conceived.” 

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