Avant Bard Theatre proudly presents Happenstance Theater (“DC’s leading peddlers of whimsy”-- WaPo), in BrouHaHa for one weekend only (December 6-8). The show is an existential escapade inspired by images of refugees fleeing on foot, Edwardian workers, cinematic treasures like La Strada and The Seventh Seal, and the dark comedy of Samuel Beckett. In this devised, clown-esque piece, Happenstance Theater's troupe of eccentrics walks the precipice at the end of the world. Their play lights up the darkness like a firecracker.

"The high level of ensemble work continues to impress. These multifaceted actors/singers/clowns/mimes and movement artists are so attuned to each other, it’s easy to
believe they’d be inseparable when the world ends." - J. Wynn Rousuck, NPR

Performance is 75 minutes with no intermission.

Featuring: Mark Jaster, Sabrina Mandell, Gwen Grastorf, Sarah Olmsted Thomas and Alex Vernon.

Happenstance Theater is a professional company committed to devising, producing and touring original, performer-created visual, poetic Theatre. Their ensemble is made up of multi-talented performers who craft all aspects of our work from concept to realization. They have been called “a gut-busting kind of funny” by the Washington City Paper. The Washington Post has called them “visually striking and whimsical without being precious,” saying they have “cornered the local theatrical market on joy.”

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