Film Night: an evening of films celebrating the creativity of Bill Lishman

Performance: Thursday, January 16th, 7 pm

Bill Lishman was an inveterate photographer. He recorded much of what he was working on. We will see rarely-seen footage of his early flying adventures, his development as an artist, his work on significant sculptures, his early goose training days, and building their underground home. He will take you on a personal tour.
Aaron Lishman, Bill’s son, has cut many miles of film into a very watchable, sometimes amusing, always inspiring , evening’s presentation.
Bill Lishman’s sense of humour and his restless creativity are much in evidence. It is remarkable what he accomplished in his almost-four score years.
Paula Lishman will supplement what we are seeing with remembrances and anecdotes.

Proceeds from the show will go towards the Bill Lishman Memorial Project. 

Tickets: $25 - all ages

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