Śiva kissed Viṣṇu

Roundhouse Performance Centre

inDANCE’s Śiva kissed Viṣṇu is an original Bharatanatyam-inspired contemporary full-length work choreographed by Hari Krishnan for dancers Arun Mathai and Sujit Vaidya. The work incorporates multi-media visual design and is performed to a commissioned global music soundscape by UK composer, Niraj Chag.

Śiva kissed Viṣṇu is a rare, honest, unapologetic work that subverts the heterosexual, rigid vocabulary of Bharatanatyam, by queering its expected aesthetics. Two classically trained, out and proud, gay Indian male dancers perform a provocative duet focusing on same-sex love in the here and now, transgressing the fluid boundaries within the Kinsey scale of male to female and vice versa.

Śiva kissed Viṣṇu has a burning contemporary resonance as it seeks to achieve the very thing that old India outlawed, to "open the flood gates of delinquent behavior "!

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