Roll Your Own Sushi Class 

The Friends 'MISSION IN MOTION' - this class will be held @ The House of the Jackson Pearl at 624 Jackson Avenue in Ocean Springs!

Come and take a culinary journey through the history of Japanese sushi with Michael Paoletti of Food, Booze & Hiccups. Learn the proper methods of sushi rice making (there's a trick!), as well as the significance of the ingredients used by the Japanese in sushi making. Let Michael guide you through the basics of rolling sushi, while you create your own types of rolls filled with your favorite ingredients.

- Nigiri
- Sashimi
- Maki Roll
- Inside Out Maki Roll
- Dessert Roll

Chef Michael Paoletti

Thursday, October 8th 6PM 

Members $55 / Non-members $60 

**Wine/beer included 

Please select a performance or first class date


Members $55 / Non-members $60