Homemade Pasta-Making (Gnocchi & Fettucini Carbonara) - Adult Hands-On Cooking Class

Pasta is one of the most common staples in the American home. The history of pasta shapes and sizes is an interesting one though! Join Michael Paoletti of Food, Booze & Hiccups as he describes the different flours used in pasta making, the types of sauces best utilized for different kinds of pasta, and teach how to make pasta in your own home kitchen. In this class, you will make a homemade noodle and a gnocchi dish. Menu includes:

Roman Style Gnocchi w/ Mushroom Ragout
Fettuccini Carbonara w/ Pork Belly

**Price includes wine/beer!

Chef Michael Paoletti

Sunday, July 12th 12PM - 2PM

Members $55 / Non-members $60

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Members $55 / Non-members $60