SYLVIA by A.R.Gurney (Preview)

A ‘howlingly’ funny play about A Man, A Dog, and A Midlife Crisis

Greg and Kate have recently moved to New York City from the ‘burbs after becoming empty nesters. During a walk in Central Park, Greg, who’s suffering through a mid-life crisis, discovers a dog with a heart-shaped tag that reads simply "Sylvia” and becomes hopelessly smitten. Greg brings home the perky pooch – hilariously played by a real-life actor who brings Sylvia’s every thought to life - only to find that Kate does not want a dog, let alone one that jumps, slobbers, chews up books and is clearly competing for Greg's affections. Called a “beautiful, funny, touching and profound play”, Sylvia is a modern romantic comedy about unconditional love, the need for connection, and how a dog may be just the ticket to save a marriage.

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