Star of the Day’s Teen Spotlighters program is designed to not only strengthen and build lifelong skills, but also to boost self-confidence, imagination, empathy, cooperation, concentration, communication skills, emotional output, physical awareness, memory-building, and an appreciation for all artforms.
It is important at this age level that we focus on positive experiences. Our teen theatre program will not only help fine tune the talents of the student for a future in the performing arts, but they will be equipped with the necessary skills for public speaking, balance and muscle control, understanding emotions and their value in everyday life, improving motivation and reducing stress, improve verbal and non-verbal communication, vocal health, listening and observation skills, focus the mind, body and voice, engaging in discussions and feedback, understanding and accepting positive constructive feedback, the ability to relate to characters, roles and subtext, societal situations, backgrounds, and cultures. It encourages students to show compassion and acceptance of others. The ability to maintain your creative essence is an integral part of the training process and important in order to be open to new ideas and seeing the world in new ways.
Aspects of the performing arts help students in their teen years understand how to read situations, think outside the box, and be more confident in their decision making. Trusting their creative ideas is encouraged; this will fortify their confidence in their performance skills, which can then be applied to school, jobs, and life.

Instructor: Madison Williams

Ages 13-15

Limited to 10 students

Class dates: Wednesdays, April 7, 14, 21, 28 May 5, 12


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