After releasing 2 moderately successful albums Queen scored their first international hit with “Killer Queen” from their 3rd album, 1974’s “Sheer Heart Attack”.  Queen’s follow up album “Night at the Opera”, released in 1975, shattered every rule about writing, recording and releasing a pop album. Queen refined their sound and Singer/Pianist Freddie Mercury lead his band places where no band had gone before. The word “Epic” doesn’t even begin to describe this landmark album by one of the greatest British Progressive bands. “A Night at the Opera” features the ground-breaking mini suite, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “You’re My Best Friend”, “I’m In Love with My Car”, “The Prophets Song” and 8 other great tracks.

The Rochmon Record Club Listening Party begins at 7pm with a live audio & video presentation by Chuck Vosganian aka “Rochmon”.  A Rochmon Record Club Listening Party is meant to inform and deepen our understanding of the history of the individual performers, the songs and the stories that went into the making this iconic album. By listening together, we hear the music again for the first time. We’ll listen to Queen’s "A Night at the Opera" on The Park Theater's state of the art sound system.


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