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Performances at Lexington Christian Academy 

May 27-31, 2021

Rebellion is nigh in the story of Matilda, a gleefully witty ode to the the anarchy of childhood and the power of telling stories!  Matilda takes charge of her dreams, bravely helping others and getting a "little bit naughty" when the grown-ups don't play fair.  Matilda will have audiences rooting for these "revolting children" - out to teach horrendous headmistress Trunchbull a lesson.  Packed with high-energy dance numbers and catchy songs, children and adults alike will be thrilled and delighted by the story of this special little girl with an extraordinary imagination!

Matilda Jr May 27th at 8pm and May 30th at 2pm

Matilda Revolting Cast May 29 at 7pm and May 31 at 2pm

Matilda Naughty Cast May 28 at 7pm, May 29 at 2pm, May 30 at 7pm

Matilda Jr run time is 1 hr 20 mins approx with intermission

Matilda run time is 2 hrs 40 mins approx with intermission

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$20/adults and children over 13

$17/children 12 and under


$18/adults and children over 13

$15/children 12 and under