Blue Period

Written by Charles Borkhuis

Director by James P. Darvas

Pablo Picasso lived quite the life. During his childhood, his father taught him the techniques of the art of painting. His father supplied him all the tools and practical knowledge to succeed. It wasn’t very long before young Pablo surpassed his father in talent and success. At the turn of the century, in a land full of sights, sounds, and people that Pablo had never experienced before, Pablo’s personal and artistic lives would undergo a drastic metamorphosis. Pablo and his best friend Casag

emas traveled to Paris and their eyes and hearts were opened to things they had never imagined. The few months they spent together in Paris put their lives on a trajectory that neither of them saw coming. For Pablo, success on an unimaginable level. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Casagemas.

This World-Premier production will take you to that moment in history where everything changed for one of the most celebrated

artists in history. Youth, passion, love and art…. The perfect palllet for a beautiful night at the theatre.

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$25 Adult

$22 Senior, Student, Under 30