Mask and Wig 2021 Fall Show:
A Yarrr is Born

October 20-23, 2021 The Iron Gate Theater

Six idiotic Ivy League students have just released an ancient curse, transporting them to the sandy shores of the UPenn Biopond. With the blazing sun beating down on their necks, they find themselves transformed into PIRATES! It’s kind of like that movie about the beach that makes you old, but with pirates (Don’t question it, it’ll be easier that way). Inexperienced in the art of swashbuckling, pillaging, and other pirate words, they join a pirate crew and begin their journey to conquest all the booty in the land, but, like, not in a weird way. As they sail the seven seas, these lads outmaneuver sea monsters, outwit sirens, and outsmart the cashiers at the Panera on the corner of 40th and Walnut. It’s basically like the Odyssey, but at Penn. Will they be able to sail down Locust Walk for their 3:15 class? Is it possible to turn a sea urchin into a bong? How will they stimulate themselves with hooks for hands? Find out in . . . A YARRR IS BORN!

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Wednesday and Thursday Shows

Premium: $15

Orchestra and Mezzanine: $12


A Friends & Family discount is available for Premium seats ($12 tickets for eligible patrons purchasing with a valid email address). Group discounts are automatically applied for groups of 4 or more.

Friday and Saturday Shows

Premium: $20

Orchestra and Mezzanine: $15

Balcony: $12

A Friends & Family discount is available for Premium seats ($15 tickets for eligible patrons purchasing with a valid email address). Group discounts are automatically applied for groups of 4 or more.