January 27 - February 13, 2022

Mala is a darkly funny tale about what it means to put our loved ones first, right to the very end, and what happens when we strive to be good but don’t always succeed. It is a comical and brutally honest look at family dynamics, including stubborn parents and unequipped children, and explores the unsentimental poetry of everyday life. A one-woman tour-de-force for a powerful actress, Mala careens from comedy to deep pathos, while having the toughest conversation about the most common of events—the end of life.

Run Time: Approximately 75 minutes, no intermission

Content Warnings:
-moments of flashing light
-Ambulance light & sound
-description of disease & death
-references to animal testing

Seating Dimensions: 16¾" to 17⅜"

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